Board President

Patricia B. Swigart

Patricia Swigart

At the Glenmoor Gathering Awards program, Patricia B. Swigart, president of The William E. Swigart Antique Automobile Museum, was presented with the prestigious Lee Iacocca Award. The award was established to recognize outstanding classic car enthusiasts and is given "For Dedication to Excellence in Perpetuating an American Automotive Tradition."

The award, an elegant plaque with a likeness of Lee Iacocca, and his signature engraved in gold, "honors a person of character, integrity, and community involvement, who, over time, has demonstrated an extraordinary dedication to the classic car hobby through vehicle preservation, club participation, and unselfishly has assisted and encouraged others to perpetuating an 'American Automotive Tradition'."

Since the awards' inception in 2006, the Antique Automobile Club of America named the Lee Iacocca Award, "The most coveted award of the Classic car circuit." We would like to congratulate Patricia on her award.