About Swigart Museum

About the Museum
The Oldest Automobile Museum In America

The museum features between 30 and 35 cars on display each year from our collection. We have on display automotive license plates and radiator emblem collections that are believed to be the largest museum collection in the world. Automobile lights and horns are displayed in our lobby. Bicycles dating back to the early 1900 are on display above our feature display. Vintage clothing, and memorabilia are on display throughout the museum. The museum also houses various toy displays including windup toys, early edition cast iron toys, Buddy trucks, Matchbox cars, and a large Fisher Price collection that is accented with the release dates.

In our gift shop you will find various automobile related products for young and old alike to commemorate your visit to the William E. Swigart, Jr. Automobile Museum. We also have t-shirts, mugs, stationary, and greeting cards available in the gift shop, as well as books, travel games and puzzles for the children.

The museum is open daily from Memorial Day weekend through the end of October.

Short Video About Swigart Museum