Bicycles of the Ages

From the 1880s to the 1910s, Americans took to the wheel, sparking a nationwide craze.

bicycleWhat made the "Gay '90s" such a lighthearted era? The bicycle! By the 1890s, the bicycle had advanced into a practical means of transportation as well as a popular leisure activity. The Museum exhibits several pre-1900 examples including an all wood riding machine known as a velocipede or "bone shaker." Also on display are High-Wheel bicycles from the 1880s and safety bicycles from the 1890s.



We Support Education

We offer guided tours for school field-trips. It is a great learning experience for children off all ages. Our knowledgeable staff brings the collections to life for children by offering age appropriate lessons about each car.


Our Gift Shop

gift shop

We have many items available in our gift shop for children and adults from toy cars, collector items, puzzles to clothing items such as T-shirts and hats. We also carry a complete line of Meguiar products


Blue Star Families Program

Swigart Museum is a proud participate of the Blue Stars Families Program. The program was established, for active military personnel and their immediate family members, to enjoy museums and the arts at no cost to them.