Our Automobilia Collection
It is the largest automobilia collection known in existence

Many Automobilia Items On Display

license plate

The Swigart Museum has cars and so much more on display at the museum. You can even see old gas pumps and tools in addition to many other items that have gone by the wayside.

license platesBefore the age of branding and logos, the radiator emblem proudly proclaimed the vehicle's manufacturer. In radiatorwhat is believed to be the largest collection of automobile emblems, badges, and license plates in the country, familiar labels from Ford, Packard, and Oldsmobile are displayed alongside the emblems of forgotten models. Car badges, a sign that the motorist belonged to an automobile club, are also on display. The license plate exhibit represents every state in the union and includes only a fraction of the plates in the museum's collection. This important collection of automobilia also includes automobile lamps and horns, hood ornaments, and other accessories that added to the pleasure of driving.

When you visit the museum make sure to enough time to view our large name plate displays and all of the other automobilia throughout the museum. You will also want to see the name plates of Emmert Swigart on some of the cars, which was a common practice in the early years of automobiles.

Car Clubs Are Always Welcome

Swigart Museum is a great destination for your car club events. We offer special pricing for car clubs, and we also offer your club the opportunity to see the entire collection for clubs of 20 or more guests attending. It's an experience you won't want to miss. You can learn more about our car collection by clicking on the cars button below.


Help Support Swigart Museum

The William E. Swigart, Jr. Automobile Museum relies on the generous support of our many members and friends to preserve our priceless collection of cars and memorabilia. As the Museum continues to expand its educational programming and other public services your help is needed more than ever!

Blue Star Families Program

Swigart Museum is a proud participate of the Blue Stars Families Program. The program was established, for active military personnel and their immediate family members, to enjoy museums and the arts at no cost to them.
Memorial Day through Labor Day each year, we will honor the active military and their immediate family members with FREE admission to our museum.