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Exploring the Unique Antique Automobiles at the Swigart Museum

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1947 Tucker '48 Prototype Makes Another Historic Debut

Tucker Automobile Club of America

Tin Goose 1000

Conceptcarz From Concept To Production

Tuckers Took to Pebble Beach for the First Time

PC Today News & Information

Vintage Vehicle Makes History as Show’s First Collegiate Winner

Hemmings Motor News

Pennsylvania Prizes The Swigart Museum's historic holdings

Herbie The Love Bug

Herbie The Love Bug is on display at the museum. This Herbie was in two of the Herbie movies. Herbie is a favorite of all ages. Come find out which movies our Herbie starred in when you visit Swigart Museum.

On Display

Tucker #1013

Our #1013 Tucker on Display for all our Tucker fans. Our Tucker #1013 was in Tucker movie. You can also see the "tin Goose" on display. Be sure to visit our gift shop during your visit where you can purchase "Tucker The Man and His Dreams" now available on Blu-ray.

On Display

Come Experience Automotive History at The Swigart Museum

Founded in 1920, The Swigart Museum is the oldest automobile museum in the United States and is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and celebration of the automobile and memorabilia.

The museum is open daily from Memorial Day weekend through the end of October and all year around for groups of 20 or more with reservations by calling (814) 643-0885.

"We Hope To See You Down The Road."