Mission Statement

The Museum Mission Statement

Collection, Preservation and Celebration of the American Automobile

The William E. Swigart, Jr. Automobile Museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and celebration of the American automobile and cultural history, with an emphasis on the vehicles and other memorabilia collected by William E. Swigart, Jr.; to perpetuating the legacy of William E. Swigart, Jr. as an eminent collector; and to educating the public on the historical significance of the automobile.

This mission is achieved through cultural and educational programs, interpretive exhibits, and other activities and events.

Our community outreach includes free educational tours of the museum for schools, scouts, nursing homes, adult daycare centers , developmental service organizations, and non-ambulatory persons.

We Offer and Encourage Schools


We offer guided tours for school field-trips. It is a great learning experience for children off all ages. Our knowledgeable staff brings the collections to life for children by offering age appropriate lessons about each car.

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Our Gift Shop

gift shop

We have many items available in our gift shop for children and adults from toy cars, collector items, puzzles to clothing items such as T-shirts and hats. We also carry a complete line of Meguiar products


Museum Park

museum park

Among the many amenities we have a the Swigart Museum is our park. Anyone visiting the museum is welcome to enjoy a picnic lunch in our park facility. Children will enjoy our gazebo as well.

Museum Park