Our Tucker's

Swigart Museum is Home to Two Tucker's
The Tin Goose Prototype and #1013 Tucker

This Tucker was featured in "Tucker, The Man and His Dream"

1948 Tucker

The Tucker 48, named after its model year, was conceived by Preston Tucker, and produced in Chicago. Only 51 Tucker 48's were ever produced making it a very desirable automobile for collectors worldwide. The most recognizable feature of the Tucker '48 is the third directional headlight known as the cyclops eye. It is activated by steering angles greater than 10 degrees to light the cars path around corners.

Our "Tin Goose" Tucker

Washington, D.C. (October 28, 2014) – The Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) announced today the 1947 Tucker Prototype, known as the Tin Goose, will be the fifth automobile to be recorded under the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Heritage Documentation. The documentation will be part of the HVA's National Historic Vehicle Register and the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) that is permanently archived in the Library of Congress.

The 1947 Tucker Prototype was the first automobile produced by the Tucker Corporation in the spring of 1947 and was a prototype for the Tucker '48 production cars. The Tin Goose was hand-built and incorporated many innovative design, technology and safety features not previously available in American production automobiles. The prototype was used for promotional purposes across America.

The 1947 Tucker Prototype is among the historically significant automobiles in America. Its historic significance is based on its association with important events in automotive and American history; its association with a significant person constructed and as a prototype for the additional 50 Tucker automobiles eventually built.

Please, visit YouTube "This Car Matters" films to learn more about the 1947 Tucker Prototype or watch the video below.

Patricia B. Swigart, President of the William E. Swigart, Jr. Automobile Museum, commented, "We are very honored to have our 1947 Tucker, known as the Tin Goose, receive this important recognition and are proud to have this prestigious car part of our collection. Our Museum's mission is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and celebration of transportation in order for future generations to know the dedicated work of those going before us. The HVA and Department of the Interior have joined together to ensure these outstanding works of art are forever recognized in the history of the automobile." Marjorie Cutright, Executive Director accompanied Mrs. Swigart to the Summit for the presentation.

The William E. Swigart, Jr. Automobile Museum in Huntingdon, PA is the oldest automobile museum in America. The collection was started in 1920 by W. Emmert Swigart, and at his death continued by his son, William E., Jr. After William passed away in 2000, the collection has continued under the leadership of a board of directors. There are approximately 160 cars in the collection, which, in addition to the Tin Goose, also includes Tucker #1013 and many other one-of-a-kind cars.

The Car Matters to view or print the HVA Tucker Record Drawing

Come See Our Tuckers

The Tucker was introduced to the public on June 19, 1947 featured to the left and is referred to as the "Tin Goose." Tucker '48 production #1013 to the right sold new for $2,485.00, with safety as one of it's best assets featuring the first ever seat belts. .

#1013 on Display

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